The authorities of the Canton of Geneva intend to create 168 new administrative detention spaces to become operational as of 2017.
These cells will be used to detain non-citizens for the sole reason that they find themselves in deportation proceedings.
In addition, the Cantonal authorities intend to create a “Federal Deportation Centre” with a total capacity of 260 places, from which persons who have
sought asylum will be expelled. Geneva is therefore likely to become a major “deportation hub" for the entire French speaking part of Switzerland.

That Geneva is not My Geneva.

Throughout its history, Geneva has granted safe-haven to refugees. It is the birth place of numerous treaties and hosts a large
number of international organisations promoting respect for human rights around the world. Geneva has always been a place where human
dignity has taken centre stage, not detention and forced deportation!

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My Geneva is a campaign of Stopexclusion.